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Linear Guideways by CPC

Linear Guides: product & brand info

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Linear guideway info & features

1. Main information: STARK = distributor, reliable, Produced / from stock in Europe, German company, linear guideway types (see below).

2. Applications / Solutions

Features / USPs

  • High Quality…
  • Light weight…
  • Versatile…

CPC | Chieftek Precision Co.

General introduction text about CPC and why STARK chooses for CPC…

Main product lines

  • Linear guides
  • Roller bearing linear guides
  • Minature linear guideways
  • Linear accessories

Company highlights

  • Founded: [year] in [country]
  • Main offices in: [countries]
  • Distribution: worldwide
  • Anual turnover: € …

Linear guide products

Ball bearing linear guides

High quality CPC ball bearing linear guideways for ultra-precise linear positioning. These linear guides are available in the following ranges:

  • Length: up to 300 mm
  • Width: up to 100 mm
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Linear Motors

  • Iron core
  • Ironless
  • Torque motors

Linear Motors

  • Iron core
  • Ironless
  • Torque motors

Linear Motors

  • Iron core
  • Ironless
  • Torque motors

STARK Linear Motion Systems

Introduction text

Linear Motion Products

Product types introduction text. Then types:

Ball bearing linear guides
Ball screws
Telescopic rails
Linear motors

Linear Motion Engineering

Linear Engineering by STARK: introduction


STARK Linear Components


STARK Forced Ventilation is the answer to the demand for reliable high performance forced ventilation that meets European standards and at the same time is available at a very favorable price at an extensive network of European distributors.

“STARK High Precision linear products help us to stay market leaders in our branche”

“All our seats have linear motion systems. STARK provides us extreme quality and durability”

“High quality components for all our machines supplied to Germany and Europe”

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